Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pink Weddings & Pink Wedding Decorations

When you think of your wedding day, what do you think of? Excitement? Nerves? Stress? There are many things to consider when planning your wedding. One of the most important aspects regarding the look/design of your wedding is color. As recent brides can tell you from experience, the only way to go is pink! Now, when you think of pink weddings, many things may come to mind. Some think that pink weddings are too typical, too feminine, or too overdone, but pink can be done in new, exciting, and classy ways, and can be the element that makes your wedding decorations beautiful.

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If you always knew that you wanted a pink themed wedding, when you get engaged, immediately begin thinking about what shade of pink you want, and where you find elegant and traditional pink decorations and dresses. I truly believe there is a shade of pink for every woman. Hot pink is for the ladies who love dramatic details, and things that stand out. This is a color well-suited for spring or summer and looks gorgeous when incorporated into an outdoor wedding. However, if hot pink is not your color, never fear; there is still a shade for you!

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Fuchsia and magenta are also nice shades of pink. Both of these shades would work well in any season. One lovely shade you can choose for your wedding is dusty rose. Perhaps it sounds too old fashioned? But it is the perfect color to make your wedding everything you want it to be; classy, elegant, and traditional. When paired with silver, the dusty rose takes on a metallic sheen. It is complementary to nearly every skin tone, and your bridesmaids will love you for going a more subtle route with your pink wedding.

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Don't disregard having a pink wedding yet if none of these shades appeal to you. I have barely scraped the surface of how many shades of pink there are. Raspberry, melon, and cotton candy are also lovely shades of pink to consider. These are more restrained shades of pink, and veer from the traditional idea of pink, but any of them would be fabulous when incorporated into a wedding.

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You may also be thinking that you could never find pretty pink wedding decorations without resorting to eighties inspired items, or frilly, lacy decorations. However, I assure you that pink decorations and dresses are everywhere! They are abundant at your local bridal shops, major retailers, and at web shops like mine!
So, if you're looking for the best color scheme for your wedding, think pink! A pink wedding theme never disappoints.


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