Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pampering Spa Wedding Shower Ideas

Since your wedding shower will include your girlfriends, one amazing way to enjoy the day is to throw a spa party for all of you to enjoy and partake in. Either a spa party could take place at your favorite day spa, or you can have it set up at someone's house with professionals coming in to pamper you and your girlfriends for a few hours. There are plenty of ways to set the tone of a spa shower - starting from the invitations.

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Spa-themed invitations are found in many party-planning stores or online party supply websites, and will set the mood for your relaxing spa shower. Start the soothing shower off right by getting your girlfriends together for yoga before the pampering session, or enjoy refreshing fruit platters and blended smoothies.

Set up manicures and pedicures, massages or special treatments to enjoy at either the spa or home. If you throw a spa party at the day spa, ask if you could incorporate a steam room or Jacuzzi session to finish off your relaxing day with friends. If you are having the party at a home with a pool, set up a cabana outside for your girlfriends to relax in between treatments. Spa music will create a tranquil ambiance for any spa-themed shower party.

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Set out refreshing tea sandwiches and hot tea for your guests at home, or serve fruit and cheese platters as a light snack at the day spa for guests to enjoy between pampering sessions. Send each guest home with a goody bag filled with miniature nail polishes, clay mask products or a sleep mask to enjoy after they leave. For an inexpensive option that creates a fun, bonding experience with your friends, spend some time creating wonderful spa products to take home. Create sugar scrubs using simple ingredients, or opt for making homemade masks - your girlfriends will think of you every time they pamper themselves at home using the amazing handcrafted bath products.

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When you are making goodie bags, check with your favorite cosmetic counter at the mall to see if they would be willing to throw in free samples of cosmetics or perfume, so you can include them as treats for your girlfriends to take home. There are endless options to include in a spa-themed party, but relaxation is the key to an amazing day! Sit back, relax and enjoy the spa time with your friends before your special day.


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