Thursday, December 4, 2014

Submerged Display For Wedding Orchids Centerpieces

The colors are picked, the dress is being fitted and the cake has been ordered and now the wedding orchid centerpieces are to be discussed. What to do, a lot of money has already been spent, what can be done to keep this stunning wedding on track? Wedding centerpieces for the bride and grooms table do not need to be sacrificed for the event by cutting the cost of the centerpieces for the rest of the tables. We can do this by using clear glass vases and water. We are going to submerge your flowers. This will allow you to use those spectacular orchids that were in your wedding and carry the theme to the table centerpieces.

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This is a simplistic way to have dramatic eye-catching centerpieces. Start with a selection of clear glass vases. These can be purchased at a floral supply store or even can be rented from a party supply store in your area. I suggest the rental approach. The types of vases can vary greatly. Tall cylinders or square and short circular fishbowl types are just some of what is out there. Pick out the vase based upon the flower or flowers you will be looking to put into the vase.

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Fresh flowers are the best to consider, however if silk is the choice then pre-check the flower for dye bleeding. They must be permanent dye to be used. Remember water makes everything look bigger so if a thread is hanging off a silk flower it will show twice as big in water. Orchids for wedding centerpieces are a superb choice when in combination with other flowers. To help keep the cost down use other stemmed flowers and still make an outstanding display.

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Tulips can add an elegant touch to the wedding arrangements. These flowers hold well in water and have a wide range of colors to choose from. Other flowers to consider are snapdragons. Combine orchid blooms the end result is striking. This, by far, is one of the best pairings of flowers to use in this style of presentation. Both do well in water and will hold up for quite a while. This will give you or the staff helping in the decorating of the tables more lead time to prepare the table centerpieces. Using dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids would be preferable. Long stems to match the snapdragons will help with the placement in the vases.

When choosing orchid centerpieces for weddings, a submerged orchid display is an easy and fast way to accomplish a dramatic centerpiece.

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