Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In Love With Color - Choosing Your Colors and Theme For Your Wedding

Choosing your wedding theme and colors should first and foremost reflect your tastes and personality. Your guests should walk into your ceremony and reception and feel that you had a hand in everything. It works best to choose your theme, before you choose your color theme. You can't really do a beach theme with that baby blue and winter white color scheme you had in mind. Your theme will also guide you as you select your wedding invitations, guest favors, and reception venue, even your bridal party's attire. So talk to friends, browse through wedding magazines, see what themes other couples have used and maybe that will give you some ideas of what you want your wedding to look like. Here are some great wedding themes to get those ideas flowing:

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1.)    Seasonal themed weddings are wedding that incorporate the season in which you are getting married. Are you getting married in January? How about a winter themed wedding complete with lots of white and blues. You could incorporate snowflakes, an ice sculpture, and even some white Christmas lights. Is your date in May? Maybe you could center your wedding around a very spring-like them. Bright, colorful flowers could be the central focus you use for decorations. You could use them in your centerpieces, and even have your bridesmaids wear daisies in their hair.

2.)    Historical themed weddings are also becoming increasingly popular. They are weddings that center around a specific time period in history. Maybe you could have an Elizabethan (Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, 1500's) themed wedding complete with elaborate costumes and a jester. An American Colonial themed wedding is also a unique idea. You could hold the wedding outdoors or in an old country church, and for your reception you could have a potluck/carry-in dinner set outside with pinic tables and benches. This type of celebration would mirror the types of celebrations that had in the early years of America.

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3.)    Decade themed weddings are also a great idea. You could center your wedding around the roaring1920's complete with jazz music, feather boas, flapper style dresses, and "zoot" suits. If you know someone with a 1920's restored historic vehicle, you could have them drive you to your ceremony and reception. A Victorian themed garden wedding would also be a beautiful and elegant theme. You could incorporate parasols, lace, roses and vintage colors such as brown, off-white, and deep pinks. This would be a perfect theme to use if you are wanting to arrive to your ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage.

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4.)    Getting married at an exotic location, what about carrying the beach through the entire wedding theme. You could choose a more relaxed type of gown, and have your groomsmen wear khaki shorts and white button-downs. You could incorporate exotic flowers, and fruits into your decor, maybe even turn your reception into a beach-themed bonfire, and complete the evening with roasting marshmallows for dessert!
These are all fabulous ideas for wedding themes, but you should do plenty of research and pick a theme or color scheme that fits you and your fiance personality. Remember this is your day! Don't be afraid to make it your own.


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