Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Red Wedding Invitations - Elegance Personified

Red Wedding Invitations

Red Wedding Invitations - Elegance Personified

Many people decide to have their wedding during a holiday season. For the most part, family and friends are already in a festive mood and frame of mind. It is a festive and celebratory time of year that makes it possible to use the current holiday theme for the ceremony holiday themes to your wedding. The use of red is the most popular color because it will add a dramatic touch and excitement to the ceremony.

If you decide to use red for your wedding invitations, you will be glad you did as red is romantic and will add drama to the event as well. Your guests will easily recognize that they are at a holiday theme wedding. A deep and darker shade of red will exude elegance at a formal wedding. A fancy red jacket and a nice black bow along with the red wedding invitations will provide a stunning display.

If you like red but decide you don't want it as the main color then you may want to use it as the accent color. You could set the mood with a distinctive red monogram and finish up with red ink lettering. If you desire a romantic wedding invitation, red hearts and red roses make a stunning accent. One thing is for sure, red will make the ceremony come alive.

There are multiple shades of red that will ensure you can find the exact shade that you want. You can use the lighter hues of red to incorporate throughout your display. The darker hues of red will add a striking contrast as well. Carnations should also be considered as they can be dyed any color or shade that you wish, and they are easy on the pocketbook as well.

Be sure to blend red into your event ensemble. Also consider using roses or other red flowers to incorporate into the satin sash on the wedding dress, this will give a nice display and will help blend into the bride's complexion.

If your wedding dress does not have a sash, then try to wear earrings, necklaces or other jewelry made with dark red rubies or garnets. Remember your red wedding starts with the red wedding invitations to set the tone for the entire engagement.