Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Green Wedding Flowers

Green wedding flowers can be an interesting and beautiful choice for any wedding. There is always some amount of green in most wedding bouquets and flower arrangements. However, using mainly green ones and accentuating that color, can really stand out. There are numerous wedding flowers to choose from, as well as ways to enhance this color in the flower arrangements and bouquets.

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Some wedding bouquets that are available in this shade to consider are:
Combine Jade Roses, Bells of Ireland and button mums all in shades of green. These are light flowers of this color that can be used to create the bouquet as well as the other flower arrangements that are at the ceremony and the reception. This will create a very elegant and simplistic arrangement.

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Or there is the option of creating a herb bouquet, such as combining hydrangeas, hypericum berries, silver cone, dusty miller, mint and sage leaves. A bouquet and flower arrangements of this nature are perfect for fall and winter ceremonies. Some of these flowers are smaller and will have a more delicate look to them.
For a brighter bouquet and flower arrangements consider using green hydrangeas and carnations and adding Vibernum and Queen Anne's Lace as accentuating colors. This will be a very full and rounded arrangement. The flowers are large and colorful, with shades of bright lime.

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Lastly, there is the option of creating a very large, eccentric bouquet by using jade gladiolus, viburnum, "Yoko Ono" pom poms, hypericum berries and bupleurum foliage as the accent pieces. The bouquet will have multiple levels of shades of green and the flowers will splay amount from the center.

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Aside, from the green flowers, by adding other items of this color to the wedding you will be able to further accentuate the main theme. For example, add lime ribbons to all the flower arrangements and the bouquet. Also, add additional ivory and ferns to the center pieces and around the reception room. If you will have flora in vases and glasses, add similar colored pebbles, stones, marbles and moss to these pieces to bring even more of the color out. Furthermore, don't forget to add different shades of the color to enhance the color spectrum and make the flora pop, compared to the rest of the colors.

Lastly, when using green wedding flowers, choose a location that will contribute to the overall theme of the color. Such as gold courses, botanical gardens and fields or meadows.


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