Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Black and White Wedding Invitations - Should I Add a Third Colour to Compliment?

Monochrome wedding invitations are very popular at the moment. As a wedding stationer I have noticed an increase in orders and sample requests for black and white wedding invitations. Most commonly requested is wedding invites that feature a modern take on damask patterns. Damask patterns can look very striking in black and white due to the contrast. Another popular choice is a simple black invitation with white ribbon and clear diamanté detail.

But knowing whether to keep things simple by having just a monochrome design or whether to add another colour to compliment needs a bit of thought.

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Black and White
Monochrome invitations look very striking on their own without a 3rd colour. If you are wanting a sophisticated feel to your wedding theme this a good choice to go for. Some couples worry that having a black and white wedding theme can be too dark. However, with the right balance a bright but elegant feel can be created. If you would like a lighter feel to your wedding invitations use white as the base colour with a black pattern over the top. To add a highlight to the design choose a wedding invite with a silver foil caption. Diamantés look fantastic on black and white cards. They add a touch of sparkle but keep with the monochrome feel.

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Fun Monochrome Invitations
Just because you are choosing black and white wedding stationery does not mean the designs do not have to be fun. Spots and stripes make good modern and fun wedding invitations.

Monochrome photo wedding cards can also be used with good effect. Choose a photo of you having fun and laughing. This will create a more relaxed feel to your stationery.

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Black and White plus Another Colour
Although a monochrome colour scheme can look fantastic not everyone likes such a simple colour scheme. However, as you might have already heard black goes with everything. You could combine the black and white with a zesty lime green or bright orange for a modern summer wedding. For a bit of passion combine it with royal purple or deep red. For a soft, more romantic feel compliment black and white with pastel shades such as baby blue or baby pink.

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Monochrome or Not?
The best thing to do is think about the sort of feel you want for your wedding day. Every couple is different so you need to decide for yourselves. You might find it useful to order samples and compile a mood board. Once you have a few samples compare them side by side and with your other wedding elements such as dress and flowers.

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