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Colors For a Nautical Summer Wedding

The nautical theme is always great for a summer wedding. It is fresh and crisp, classic, and is ideal on a sunny day by the ocean or a lake. These are some ideas for color palettes which would work beautifully for a summer nautical wedding, along with ideas on decorations, attire, and more.

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Navy and white is the most traditional nautical color palette, and it remains a great look. If you want to update it a bit or put your own twist on the classic navy and white wedding colors, add in one more color to make it more distinctive. Kelly green is a terrific accent for a navy and white nautical theme wedding. It brings to mind timeless preppy motifs like whales. That could be a really cute idea for the wedding invitations: choose a heavy white paper bordered in a navy blue edge, and have a green whale motif engraved across the top. For the envelope linings, select a stripe pattern in a navy, green, and white combination. One of the fun things about this wedding color palette is that it is more classic than girly, so your fiance will probably like it as much as you do.

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If you are torn between a really feminine wedding design and a crisp nautical one, think about combining pink with navy and blue. This is an easy color combination to use for all aspects of the wedding design. Pretty pink bouquets with navy and white striped grosgrain ribbon bouquet wraps would be wonderful. For the bridesmaid dresses, look for something timeless like a crisp cotton strapless dress in navy with white pickstitching stripes and a pink grosgrain ribbon sash at the waist. A tin cup necklace would be a marvelous accent for the bridesmaid jewelry. Another idea is to play up the nautical theme with a monogrammed shell necklace instead of the tin cup design.

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To highlight the nautical theme at a pink, navy, and white wedding, use a great pattern for the reception tablecloths, such as navy linens with a pink nautical knot print on them. Do not be afraid to experiment with patterns for your wedding decorations, because nautical motifs done in crisp fabrics are one of the hallmarks of the theme. Any type of stripe will add a fresh accent to your nautical patterns - feel free to mix and match.

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A more elegant nautical wedding theme can be created by mixing gold accents with a navy and white color palette. This is the traditional navy blazer with brass buttons type of style, and it always looks fantastic. Put the bridesmaids in navy dresses in a fabric with a subtle texture, such as faille. Gold sandals will pull the look together for them. A gold seashell motif would be perfect for this wedding color palette. You can begin with your wedding invitations, and bring the shell design through the rest of your wedding, from everything from cocktail napkins to serving pieces. A white wedding cake decorated with gold shells on each tier and a bit of navy and gold braided trim along the edges would be a great way to finish the wedding.

A nautical motif is one of the most classic for a summer wedding, yet by adding your own twist to the color palette, you can also really make it fresh and original. Some additional colors to consider are sunny yellow and a faded Nantucket red. Mix and match your wedding colors in a few different prints and motifs to get a great look for your special day.

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