Friday, December 26, 2014

Hearts Melt With Chocolate Wedding Favors

The hardest of hearts will melt with rich chocolate wedding favors or warm up to you with coffee and tea wedding favors. Entire books have been written on the romance of beverages like coffee and tea. Then, there is a range of healthy teas. Chocolates too, cannot be far behind when two lovers are near.

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One of the all-time favorite wedding favors is the Black & White packaged candy bars with Victorian tone. The wrappers can be personalized with the name of the couple and date of the event. You can also choose the chocolate almonds, bouquet squares, chocolate hugging bride and groom tub, chocolate bridge and groom favor apples and what not. The chocolate list is endless really not just for favors but for any occasion.
A great charm of chocolates is in their wrapping. You can use silk, ribbons, cartons, silver boxes or environment-friendly paper. Chocolates can have a further charm when designed not just as squares but in shapes like fruits, pens etc. Just remember when choosing chocolate wedding favors is that they melt easily.
Hot cappuccino mixes are equally hot as wedding favors. You have the choice of adding heart-ended whisks for as low as $1.59 for the entire set. You can 'espress' your love with coffee-scented candles too. Or, gift a set of ceramic mugs that are personalized.

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Brewing a favor of love is also easy with a range of tea wedding favors. In the tea range, you have don't just have tea satchels but 'teacups and tealights' miniature porcelain holders. Teapot tape measures are really cute favors too. You can always add tea bags with these.

The teatime heart tea infuser favor in teatime gift box is very elegant. It comes for only $1.61 per piece. But, the ultimate tea wedding favors are the perfect blend-elegant personalized coffee kits with free personalized tags. Each glossy black and white packet is illustrated with a sophisticated bride or groom. Inside the bag are 2 ounces of delicious ground coffee and the entire favor is topped off with a delicate chrome heart-shaped coffee spoon attached with a white ribbon.

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But when it comes to coffee and tea wedding favors, you can also go for cute cup and saucer sets. Maybe, you want your guests to use these favors rather than gobble them up. Check out $2.43-priced modern teacups with an ergonomic swirl handle. There is an extra long saucer that can show off some sweets. In a casual setting, guests can actually mingle around with others while carrying their tea along.

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Whatever you choose, tea and coffee favors or chocolate favors, these are items that will always keep the bonds of love true between family and friends. Just ensure that you order these items in time for the event, with the right kind of packaging and, if edible, caution must be taken about their quality. You don't want to hand out broken or bitter pieces of chocolate to guests as favors. However, with the love shining in your eyes, guests will love receiving just any favor from you.


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