Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Coffee Wedding Favors - The Latest Wedding Sensation

In a persons life there is very few days when they feel that the entire world revolves around them and one such day is their wedding day. The wedding couples are the centre of attraction with everyone around looking at their every move. Nothing has to be left to chance while planning for a wedding and an important part of a wedding is the wedding favors. The tradition of giving a wedding favor has been followed for many years and the items given for wedding favors also has changed a lot. A wedding favor with a personalized touch always stands out when compared to the ones that you can pick up from any store. If you feel you want to express your love for fine coffee then coffee wedding favor is the best for you.

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Coffee themed wedding favors will make your guests very happy and you can always be assured that it would not go for a waste. You can always pack coffee in small bags or tins of different flavors and give them as a coffee wedding favor. You can select the flavor or the type of coffee based on the personality of the recipient if you want to add that very personal touch. But there are lots more coffee wedding favors that you can give apart from the concept of giving coffee powder or beans in small quantities. You find many miniature china pattern coffee cups in the market and that would make a great wedding favor. Such cups are light and also look elegant with Chinese art. They are relatively inexpensive and you can pick them up from stores or online retailers.

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A coffee cup mini candle would also make a good choice as a coffee wedding favor. This java scented and adorable packed coffee cup candles would measure about 1.5 inches and will glow with a coffee aroma then lit. Such candles come with a hand tag where you can add a small note for your guests. This coffee wedding favor will look like a cup of coffee and it is an elegant and beautiful coffee wedding favor. Your guests can use these candles for early morning or even brunch celebrations.

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A personalized coffee kit is very elegant and for sure they would warm the hearts of your guests. It is about 6.5 in length and it can add to the table d├ęcor. It has a glossy black and white packet which is illustrated with a bride or groom and has a matching personalized tag. Inside the bag you will find about two ounces of delicious ground coffee, a delicate chrome heart shaped coffee spoon and they would be attached with an elegant white meshed ribbon. Truly! It would be an irresistible coffee wedding favor.

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You can always pick up elegant coffee spoons as a great coffee wedding favor. You get great precious little coffee spoons that are elegantly designed. It would be so elegant that you would tend to forget the great functionality it has. These spoons normally come in stainless steel with the presence of hear design all over the spoon. Packed in a small elegant box, these coffee wedding favors would oozes of elegance. Picking up a good coffee wedding favor is quite easy, but ensure that you dont forget to have your own personal note or personal touch to it. This will ensure that your coffee wedding favor is not just an ordinary wedding favor.


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