Friday, December 12, 2014

Simple Guide to Planning a Country Wedding

You think a country wedding is a nice alternative to the high-end and frenzied city-style wedding that most of the people you know have had before. Here is a simple guide on how to have a simple yet stunning country wedding.

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Since the atmosphere of the countryside promotes ease and relaxation, the best kinds of attire are those that speak of comfort. Sundresses, khakis, cotton dresses, kaftans and anything casual and laidback can be the perfect way to dress up for a countryside wedding. However, if you still want to have a formal event with the tuxedos and the works, it is still all right to do so.

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Venue and Decor
Ideal locations for a country wedding can be a barn, a farmhouse, a wheat field, plantation, rustic church, valley, or a country inn. For an outdoor wedding, you can use picnic tables covered with checkered tablecloths or quilts. You can also make use of candles and lanterns to light up the place if the event will be held at night. Flowers like daisies, gerberas, dahlias, and sunflowers can be a nice way to decorate the table centerpieces. Use one or two colors as the wedding motif to unify the look of the venue and the decoration.

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A country-style wedding invitation would be a nice preview for your lovely wedding event. An embroider invitation would be a good option. Another type of invitation that would be suitable for this type of event would be one that comes with a nice dramatic photo of country scenery.

Contra or bluegrass bands as well as country singers are the perfect providers of music for the wedding. It would also be a wonderful idea to have a square dance. Guests would surely have a grand time dancing the night away.

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Bake cookies and wrap them in country style floral gift wrapper. You can also gather local fruits or vegetables, put them in wicker baskets and tie the baskets with raffia ribbons. Also, you can make handmade soaps or handmade candles and then put them in beautiful mason jars. Do not forget to add a gift tag and scribble personal messages for the guests.

More Tips
These tips below are general wedding tips you can use even if you are not going to have a country wedding.
1. Plan your budget and stick to it.
2. Get everything in writing especially when transacting with wedding vendors and service providers.
3. Do not force yourself to do everything. Get as much help as you can. Do not forget to say thank you to all the people who help with the wedding preparations.
4. Be flexible. Remember, not everything you want can be done.
5. Do not be a bridezilla!
Planning a wedding, whether it is a country wedding or some other theme, can truly be time-consuming, exhausting and sometimes exasperating. But once you walk down the aisle and say "I do" to your beloved, all your exhaustion and emotional turmoil will be worth it.


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