If the two of you have often been described as 'love birds' by friends and family, a love bird themed wedding is all you need to make the charm work on the most special day of your life. One of the trendiest is the love bird theme as your big day can be your chance of flaunting your flair for creativity.

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Love birds can be an ideal wedding theme as it gives your fete that touch of magic you have desired all along. Promising all those who will be witnessing the entire extravaganza endless breath-taking moments, with this theme you can achieve the perfect harmony between style and magnificence. A love bird wedding theme can be your idea of making sure that that the vintage love and romance that the two of you share reach out to all those who are present.

For all those who wish to have something more than just a wedding, this theme helps you stand out and create something so grand and gorgeous that your family and friends will remember it for years to come. An emblem of love, romance and affection, love birds make an awesome theme for your wedding. So, if you have set your heart set on it and want to know where to get started, read on.

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Love Bird Theme Essentials
When it comes to the love bird wedding theme, there are some things that are indispensable. Topping the list are the wedding cake and invitations. The stuff you can find to adorn these two fundamentals is available in great variety. You can make use of place cards for invitations and even miniature wedding trees for the cake. You can also get some of those bird or heart-shaped paper punches and you will be amazed at the endless ways you can use them.

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Bird Feathers in All Weathers
Nothing can help to give your wedding theme a more authentic look than those bird feathers. You can colour and then incorporate them into boutonnieres or other decor. A very chic idea can be to use it in the bride's hairdo, promising to make her look outright stunning. In addition, you can fascinate others and inspire rustic elegance with twigs in centrepieces and bouquets.

Another great idea you can seriously consider is elevating those bird cages in the air, embellished with flowers or candles. How about using tissue paper shaped as a bird on your cake plates?

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Love Bird Wedding Favours
Since wedding favours are a significant part of the wedding, this is something you really have to work at in order to make the most of your theme. You can have some bird-shaped cookies with assorted toppings from your favourite patisserie. You can also add to your guests' delight by suspending cookies from the branches of a tree, giving it a totally whimsical touch. You can even consider placing candy eggs with the couple's initials.

Feeling excited already? Well this is what the love bird wedding theme is all about. Take time to choose colours and fabric that are not only close to nature but also comply with the theme. Before you know it, you will be giving your guests' hearts a flutter with all the love and effort you will be putting into it.



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