The bridal shower is usually given by the bridesmaids and hosted by the maid of honor, but there isn't strict rules regarding this tradition anymore. These days the mother of the bride sometimes helps with the food or financial aspect of the bridal shower. The bridal shower can be held as a surprise party for the bride, or the bride can be involved with some of the arrangements such as coming up with bridal shower favor ideas and games to play during the bridal shower. It is however the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor's duty to plan and construct a successful shower for the bride.

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If the Bridesmaids and Maid of honor have little funds to host a bridal shower, there are still a lot of things that can be done to ensure that you give the bride the best, most talked about shower.

Ideas for a cheap, exciting outdoor bridal shower:

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Choose an outdoor venue that is appropriate for a group of woman. There has to be trees providing shade, ladies toilet facilities and be accessible for vehicles.

The ideal outdoor setting will be a National Park or family farm with beautiful old buildings and trees. Make sure that you have permission to use these facilities.

Find a nice spot for the food and beverage table. Chairs can be used to sit on, but this can be the ideal time and place for a picnic. Providing blankets for guests to sit on, will give a nicer relaxed atmosphere and less work for the host.

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It is very important to have a theme for this event. The theme is there to bring everything together such as the décor, food and beverages as well as the favors. The theme of the bridal shower doesn't have to fit the theme or style of the wedding. A "Mexican theme" will work great for this specific bridal shower.

To save money on the food and beverages, ask a few close family members and friends to each bring one plate of Mexican themed finger food. Discuss your idea, the theme and the number of guests with them. There are always aunts and friends that are willing to help with food or funds for such a happy event. Corn on the cob, bean salad, Nachos and Tortilla wraps are all Mexican style foods that would be perfect for this event.
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Another two people can be responsible for the drinks. This can be any beverage as long as it is presented in beautiful glasses and decorated with things such as mint leaves or lemon slices. You can serve juice in decorated Margarita cocktail glasses or even have Mexican style cocktails for those enjoying something a bit stronger. You can even go so far as to ask a guy to act as the cocktail barman, preparing the cocktails and serving them to all of the ladies. (Margarita, Tequila or Rum-based cocktails are perfect for this theme)
With the food and drinks now sorted, there might be money left for Mexican style Favors and Décor to give the day that finishing touch.

What can be done for entertainment? A group photo shoot is a great way for everybody to get to know each other, have a bit of laughter, and provide beautiful memories for the bride. This might cost a little bit extra, but will be worth every sent.

How to plan the photo shoot: Hire a less expensive or amateur photographer. If one of the friends or a family member has a passion and a bit of knowledge of photography, this could also be the answer. Ask the photographer to blend in with the crowd while taking many casual, informal photos of all of the guests and of course the bride-to-be.

Apart from the normal documentation of the food, gift giving and décor, the main purpose of the photographer, is to take posed group photos of all of the guests together with the bride in every photo. Divide the group into aunts, family, friends, bridesmaids, sisters etc. Take a photo of the bride with her 3 best friends laying in tall grass or take a photo with the bride with both mothers against a beautiful tree. Another photo can be of the bride with older family like aunts or grandmothers next to an old farm building, all facing each other while laughing and talking. It is understandable that not all guests will love the photo shoot idea or may be camera shy, but each photo can be different and made to suit every guest. Some photos can be posed while other can be more relaxed. Remember that this will be a beautiful collection to remind the bride of this special day shared by family and friends.

Make this photo shoot the main highlight of the day. Remember to let the guests know about the photo shoot and the picnic style bridal shower before hand. This will help them be prepared and also wear appropriate clothing.

This is traditionally a very special day for the Bride-to-be. Celebrating her up and coming nuptial to the man she loves. This celebration will be all about the bride, enjoying a day filled with fun and laughter with female friends and family. Make this day memorable and enjoyable to her.

Things to do with the photos: There are a lot more to ways to share and appreciate the photos taken on the Bride's shower than just framing it. The photo's can be placed on the couple's Wedding Website, or a personalized digital album can be created. Digital scrapbooking is also very popular. This is a way to create scrapbooking in a digital format and can be printed or shared online with every person that was involved in the special day.


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