With your wedding planned the world is your oyster with wedding themes and styles. If you love the idea of a butterfly adorning your stationery perhaps you should look for Butterfly Wedding Invitations. Beautiful and simplistic the innocence of natures beauty creates a theme that will symbolise your wedding.

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Now you have date you need to plan in advance of the wedding date giving guests as much time as possible. Invites should be sent out 3 months in advance of the date, if the wedding is in this country. Longer if abroad so that holiday times can be booked out if necessary. Three months will give you enough time to find out who is coming and who is not. If you place a "RSVP return date by" this is good enough to prompt guests, as opposed to them sitting on the invites and returning them when they want to. You need to know well in advance of the final numbers for catering etc.

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An ideal opportunity is to open up your own web site so that guests who need to know more about your wedding can search information online. Many companies offer this service as well as gift services that can be incorporated on your site.

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To find your Butterfly Wedding Invitations you can search a number of places.
1) Wedding magazines
2) Wedding Shows
3) The internet

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Of all these the internet is the easiest and most convenient. Most worthwhile companies will have their own web site. All the companies in the wedding magazines will be there plus all the companies at the wedding shows . You may find wedding shows offer discounts that only apply to these shows. Usually the internet is the pace to go.

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It may be simple but this tip is so effective. If you do not know already here it is. When searching for any item on the net always place your search words in quotation i.e. Butterfly Wedding Invitations this quite simply eliminates all the millions of pages on the net that have those words on their site. The majority of those will not stock what you are after just list it like a directory would.

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