Most brides to be envision their weddings to be full of color, . But have you ever thought about have a simple yet elegant black and white wedding theme? Here are some ideas for throwing an elegant wedding using these two basic colors.

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Décor for a Black and White Wedding
When I say black and white wedding, I mean a black and white wedding. You have to be consistent. To stay true to the theme, there must not be any other color visible in your venue. You will probably be calling your venue on a regular basis to make this elegant wedding theme work.

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The floors will need to be either covered with black and white carpet, or laid with a temporary hardwood. The hardwood floor can be alternating black and white squares or rectangles, or only a few planks of either black or white scattered throughout the venue. Choose which of these neutral colors will be your base-this decision will determine the feel of your event. A mostly white floor (and décor) will create a feeling of purity, while a mostly black floor will make the event more dark, mysterious, and modern. Either way, your black and white wedding is sure to be complimented for its unique and elegant design.

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The tables can be draped with an expensive black and white cloth with a design of your choice. Some ideas for the design are large checkers, polka dots, freestyle, or a floral design. Or you can bring in custom tables with black and white designs painted professionally on the top.

Again, you will want to choose your base color before deciding on the wedding favors you will have placed on guest tables. Nothing says elegant wedding like a glossy black box tied delicately with a white silk ribbon and a black and white themed prize inside.


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