Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Creating an Oriental Theme Throughout Your Wedding

Many people these days want their weddings to be unique and stand out from the other weddings that their guests may attend. If you are looking for a unique wedding theme an oriental flavored wedding may just be the right thing to provide you and your guests with an exotic and beautiful wedding. In today's world of anything goes, you can easily combine a western style wedding with hints of the orient and create a unique world for you and your guests to inhabit for one memorable day and evening.

The Bride and Groom

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You are going to want to choose wedding attire in keeping with the oriental theme. Luckily there are some beautiful wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses in oriental styles and assorted colors that can set the mood right from the start. For brides who want a little more color than the traditional white choosing a red oriental style dress lends an air of authenticity to your wedding as this is often the color worn by traditional Chinese brides. The grooms and groomsmen attire may be a little tougher but still doable, choosing tuxes with shorter jackets and stand-up collars and jackets in red, or jade can enhance the oriental theme.

The Bridal Bouquet
Instead of traditional roses for the bridal bouquet try a bouquet of calla lilies or an elaborate oriental fan to carry instead. This will give your wedding a more exotic touch.


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Cherry blossoms and Calla Lilies can create a very oriental look to the flower arrangements. Instead of having those large organza bows at the end of the pews why not have oriental fans with lovely painted or printed designs on them. There are many paper fans that are quite inexpensive that can be used as part of the church decorations lending an air that is both original and exotic to the entire ceremony.

The Reception

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Adding a touch of the Orient to your wedding reception is simple and easy. Hang a few small white lights and Chinese lanterns. Decorate your table with candles embedded with cherry blossoms, or small silver vases bearing calla lilies. Or choose Chinese lanterns for reception table centrepieces. Add a couple of potted bonsai trees decorated with small white lights in strategic places around the hall. Have a peacock feather pen for signing the guest book.

The choice of oriental food is an excellent choice; you can serve everything from sushi to sweet and sour chicken, to more exotic meals depending on your budget and taste. Placing chop sticks by each place serving will allow your guests to experiment eating with the traditional utensils of the orient.


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There are a wide variety of oriental guest favors to choose from. Fortune cookies, fans, candles, and good luck key chains are just a few of the choices that are available. Creating your own oriental flavored wedding and reception can be fun and provide a unique and unforgettably romantic experience for both you and your guests.

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