As the holiday season now officially starts many brides are already about to have their holiday and winter weddings. However for the bride still planning their event, there are many other great times this winter to have their winter wedding. One great example is a January wedding. A January wedding has many advantages. It is after the bustle of the holiday season, it during the wedding off season, and you can find many interesting themes to use for the wedding. Here are some great ideas that you can use for a January wedding.

New Year's Wedding

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The first great idea is a New Year's wedding.
This is perfect since January is the first month of the New Year. Also New Year's is also appropriate because they are also synonymous with new beginnings which a wedding is for you and your groom. The best part is the glamour and glitz that is possible with a New Year's theme everyone knows the look from classic movies or seeing New Year's Eve celebrations on TV every year.

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This allows you to decorate your wedding venue in a sophisticate and astounding manner that you may not be able to do as effectively with other winter wedding themes. It also does not emphasize flowers which will be a boon especially during January when most flowers will have to be imported or grown in a hot house. As you know that means higher prices that can put a stranger on an otherwise well planned budget.

Winter Wedding
One common mistake when planning a winter wedding is the belief that there are only one or two ways to interpret a winter theme. It normally falls into categories that are variations of the winter wonderland theme. This while beautiful can quickly become cliche and unoriginal. This is something a bride wanting to make her ceremony and reception a special event tries to avoid. A unique idea would be to have an Arctic themed wedding. This would be a wedding that would integrate the best themes of winter with an exotic landscape. You would be able to find all sorts of interesting decorations that will make your wedding look unforgettable.

Golden Wedding
Another great idea is the Golden wedding. This one is kind of interesting. From what I gather in my research it is a great January theme because gold was first discovered in the United States in January 1848 in California. The Golden theme is one tied with majestic decorations and color schemes and the best part is that you don't have to follow the normal boring ice and snow theme. You will find yourself able to use more imaginative motifs and decorations than you would normally have available at your disposal.

Black and White Wedding
A great theme that you can work with for your wedding is a black and white wedding. This is a classic and formal wedding theme with everyone being required to dress in their best formal black and white clothes. It can also be the theme for the decorations. Try to add class and elegance with contemporary designs and add some sparkle with crystal and sequin decorations. This will make your wedding a formal event that few of your guests will ever recall having in a long time.

These are just some of the great ideas that you can use for a January wedding. They will allow you to see the possibilities that are there for the person who wants to plan a winter wedding after the holiday season.

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