The following are the seven tips, which will help you, as a bride, to shine during your special day in your life:

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1) Brings inspiration to a stylish French wedding! Composition of the flowers looks like a beautiful, stunning, and botanical drawing. Cascading flowers are no longer popular, like in 80s. The bouquet should look like as if freshly collected from a field.

2) The bridal bouquet should look fresh, and with no other ornaments! Color schemes of the flowers could include roses, violets, lilacs, larkspur, and lilies. The bouquet has a rustic look and gives splendid and personal shine to the bride. Till the end of April, you can pick buttercups or forget-me. Starting from May, peonies and sweet peas are blossoming.

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3) Crowns are very French now. They should be one-of-a kind headpieces from fresh blossoms, bringing lovely touch to the marriage and bride's appearance. If you want assortment, decide on flowers with large, medium and small blooms. For example, you could have gardenias, daisies and baby's breath in the same crown. Even though a florist should take the lead, it could as well be a DIY task. Flower crowns will wilt after a few hours, no matter what type of flowers you make them with. However, some nurseries sell sprays that may keep them looking fresh for a few extra hours.

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4) Choosing a florist may start several months before the wedding. Typically, a superior florist is also a talented designer who provides full professional service and can be your guru in marriage event organization. Selecting a florist is not just about flowers. You should walk into their stores, watch them at work, and study both bouquets and table arrangements.

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5) Foliage provides texture, extra color, shape and proportion to an arrangement, gives height, width and depth, attractive feathery and pleasant aroma to the bouquet. The foliage has year-round varieties and seasonal types. The year-round varieties are usually short and so can best be used for medium-sized and compact arrangements. Seasonal types are ideal for large displays.

6) Seasonal flowers are the best to achieve budget saving and meantime accomplish fresh and beautiful bouquet which lasts longer than normally. You will end up with extraordinary exposition and color combinations. And they look absolutely rustic and unique.

7) Your bridal bouquet should match bridal dress and body structure. If you are small, avoid large sizes. Make it simple; truly, you should shine over everything!

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