If you are getting married, it can be hard to choose which of your friends you want to have as your bridesmaids. However, once you have chosen your bridesmaids, choosing their dresses can be an even harder task, especially if you have chosen a few different friends with very different figures. Finding matching dresses which all of the bridesmaids are happy with can be one of the hardest tasks which you do relating to your wedding, especially if you have chosen a larger number of friends. One of the best colours to choose for your friends' clothes is purple, because there are lots of different purple plus size bridesmaid dresses available, which are also available in very similar standard sizes. Choosing purple plus size bridesmaid dresses will allow you to find matching dresses for all of your friends, whatever body size or body shape they have.

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Purple has always been a popular colour for weddings, because it can invoke a number of different meanings, depending on the perceptions of the bride. The colour purple has often been associated with royalty, because in the past, it was a very expensive colour to dye fabrics with. This meant that only royals, religious leaders and the rich were able to use it. It is now less expensive to get hold of purple clothes, however the colour still invokes a lot of special emotions.

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Purple is also a very flattering colour for most skin tones. Rich purple dresses tend to complement most people, rather than making them look washed out, and therefore this colour is often favoured, rather than light greens, or pale blues or daisy yellows, which make many people look pale. Although it is your wedding day, it is important that you choose a colour that will allow your bridesmaids to look radiant and feel confident. Although you might not want them to outshine you, you will not enjoy your pictures as much if all you can see is your bridesmaids looking awkward!

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You should remember this as well when you are trying to find a dress which fits properly. Although there are a lot of different plus size dresses available to buy, purple plus size bridesmaid dresses are probably the most common. If one of your friends has a larger bust, it is probably better to try to find a style of dress which has straps, as these dresses are generally more flattering and less likely to accidentally expose the wearer.


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