The Bridal Shower Games like Clothespin, Toilet Paper Wedding Dress and Cotton Head bring the party to life. These are just a few of the most popular Bridal Shower Games that help in enlivening the proceedings and bringing smiles on the faces of the guests as well as the hosts.The Clothespin Game takes off with a buzz word like bride, groom, party, bouquet, function and wedding. 
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The guests are presented a clothespin upon their arrival in the party. The game commences as soon as someone hears another person saying the buzz word they get to take that person's clothespin. It's quite an exciting game which lasts quite some time and person with the highest number clothespins wins the contest. The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress is another entertaining game in which the guests are divided into two or more teams of at least three people and they are handed over rolls of toilet paper and each team has to choose a bride. They are given the task of preparing a wedding dress for their bride using the toilet paper. 
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The audience decides which dress is the best of the lot.The Cotton Head, in which a guest is chosen to go first and let her sit in the middle of the room, and Two Truths and a Lie, in which every guest is required to declare three things about themselves, two being true and one a lie, is a source of great fun and entertainment as well. You can select the Bridal Shower Game for your party according to your choice based on your own taste and that of your guests. It's a wonderful tool of keeping everyone involved and interested in the function. Your guests will certainly enjoy the function more with the bridal shower games.


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