Are you having an outdoor wedding? Have you thought about all the details necessary for a fantastic outdoor wedding? If not, make sure you review these tips as you continue planning your wedding.

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First, check the weather reports from the past. What is the chance of rain? Are you prepared for bad weather? Do you know what you will do if the weather isn't good that day? Make sure that if you are having an outdoor wedding, that you have a backup plan. This means that you know exactly where your wedding will move to if the weather is bad and you are unable to have it outside. Although this may seem sad, this will help you sleep at night as you will not stay up worrying about whether or not the weather will go against you that day.

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Second, for your music, make sure that you have speakers that are loud enough for everybody to hear. An outdoor wedding does not have the luxury of walls where the speakers and the sound will get louder because it is contained. Instead, it will be harder for your guests to hear so you need to make sure that you have a good sound system. Otherwise, guess in the back will not hear anything. Even for your valves, make sure that you and your fiancé have an extra microphone that you can speak into.

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Third, the other thing to think about is whether or not it will be a very sunny or hot day. Do you have guests that do not like the sun wore do not want to get a tan lotion Mark one thing that you might want to consider is buying little wedding umbrellas that you can hand out to your guests. This will ensure that all of the seats are filled. I have seen some weddings where it has been so sunny that all of the guests are standing under the tree. Even while the bride walked out onto the aisle the guests did not move from under the tree and all of the seats looked empty.

Fourth, do you have the right wedding shoes? Consider buying a pair of flat wedding shoes so that you will not slip on when walking outside. Oftentimes the dirt or grass can be wet and caused your heel to sink in. I have seen brides catch their heel on the grass and almost trip over. You would not want your brand-new wedding dress to get dirty. Therefore, consider a pair of bridal shoes flats. Even if you do not want to wear those shoes the entire day, having a pair of flat bridal shoes may save your day.

Finally, make sure that somebody is coordinating the setup for everything. Because you are having an outdoor wedding, you probably have more setup. You will have to set up the sound speakers, the chairs, the podium, and all of the flowers and everything else. Make sure that you designate somebody in your wedding party to help you coordinate that. On your big day you do not want to be coordinating everything.


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