One of the best things about Asian themed weddings is that they are simply unique. Asian marriage traditions have something that is inherently mysterious, and what makes many couples get interested of having a wedding that is Asian-inspired despite of their different nationality.

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If you want your wedding to have some touches of Asian traditions and styles, one perfect idea to consider are Asian themed wedding favors. These favors are designed to reflect the culture, tradition, and art of Asian people. Their oriental touches have made many weddings very special as well as grand-looking.

When it comes to Asian wedding favors, there are lots of choices to choose from. You can find a wide variety of them in local stores and online stores. Colors like deep red, gold, yellow and green are typically related to Asian. You can use these colors to create some oriental shades in your wedding. It is a good idea to incorporate such colors as well to your wedding favors.

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Asian themed favors can be as simple as red boxes filled with sweet delights such as chocolates, candies, mints, or almonds. You can choose any trinket you like or you may even choose confectioneries of Asian countries. These inexpensive ideas often look elegant when placed on reception tables.

Another great option are candles. Candles have been a favorite choice when it comes to wedding favors. Since most Asian weddings are held in gardens, beaches and fields, candles are perhaps the most apt favor ideas that can be used. If you prefer candle favors, the choices are plenty. You can also use other items that could help make candles more pleasing. Candle wedding favors come in various shapes, colors, and sizes that can fit to even non-Asian nuptials.

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You can also use the nature as an inspiration in planning your Asian themed wedding. This could mean using different symbols of nature like leaves, petals, and flowers. Also, you don't want to miss symbols like circles, the Om, dragons, parasol, and etc., as they are parts of Asian traditions.

Another idea you can think of using is silk. This is another Eastern motif that is usually used in brocade purses, bookmarks, notebooks, key rings, and favor boxes. If you want to impress your guests with inexpensive Japanese-themed favors, consider silk fans. Beautifully designed chopsticks can make great add ons to the fans, giving your guests something that they will really love and cherish for many years to come.

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Browse the Internet to find some more choices of Asian wedding favors. There are so many websites these days that offer a wide of different wedding supplies, from cake toppers, guest books, ring pillows, cake servers, toasting flutes, to wedding favors and other wedding ceremony accessories and reception supplies. If you wish to personalize your wedding favors, there are also plenty of personalized options to choose from. It's up to you whether you want to engrave, embroider, or imprint your names or monograms and wedding date on your chosen favors.


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