The peacock, because of its symbolism and beauty, is fast becoming a top wedding theme in North America. It has long been popular for weddings in different cultures and countries (India, for example). The peacock itself represents royalty, wealth and knowledge whiles its rich, vibrant colors of green, royal and turquoise blue, purple and gold are gorgeous when incorporated into wedding decor and favors.

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Homemade: I'm going to talk about 3 types of homemade peacock favors:
1) Favors given in a favor bag or box that is the color of one of many colors found on a peacock feather. Craft stores offer a large selection of favor bags and boxes, primarily found in the wedding section (organza bags and small favor boxes). There are also larger, colored paper bags found in the gift wrap section. To further decorate you can attach the eye of an actual peacock feather (and a bit of the stem) to the box or bag with a glue dot (again, found at craft stores and easy to use). Craft and floral stores have peacock feathers for purchase and there are several stores online that offer them in bulk. Simply type "Bulk Peacock Feathers" in a search to find sources.

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2) Everybody loves to receive an edible favor and a peacock shaped cookie would be a much appreciated 'thank you'. You can find easily find an online source for a cookie cutter. Then find a reliable and delicious recipe for a sugar cookie and icing. Our favorite can be found at the bottom of this article. To frost, use an easy technique called "flooding" to decorate in one or more vibrant, peacock-inspired colors. To learn how to flood cookies go to and type in "how to flood cookies"; the results given will provide many easy-to-understand videos and tutorials. Once the frosting hardens (I recommend letting them sitting overnight) put them individually into cello bags and tie with a pretty colored ribbon.

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3) Add a themed favor tag to the favor of your choice? To do this go to and type in peacock (or peacock feather) and select an image that you love. Copy it onto a word or powerpoint (or similar) document and copy it as many times it will fit on a page. Buy white or ivory cardstock and print on it. Cut out the shapes by hand and, with a hole punch, punch out a hole to put satin ribbon through for hanging. It's also lovely to hand stamp the back of the image with a "Thank You" rubber stamp. To find, look in the $1 bins at craft stores (stamps and ink).

Purchased: Peacock wedding favors available for purchase continue to grow. You can give a keepsake favor such as a magnet featuring the bird or a feather; we recommend glass magnets for a higher quality gift. Christmas ornaments personalized in the theme are also lovely favors.

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Edible favors include decorated sugar cookies (easily found via an online search), or white chocolate dipped oreos or graham crackers that have edible images (as well as text) on them. There are also cookie pops which are regular cookies dressed up in fancy, personalized, theme packaging. You can also find beautiful candy wrappers in this theme to wrap around Hershey bars; some are available as place cards too.

Several stores offer beautiful, personalized peacock favor boxes. Make sure you look for reviews from customers to ensure that the ones you purchase are professionally produced. Fill them with small candies, chocolate truffles, a scented votive candle or other small item.



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