When the time comes that you are finally getting married, you may find that everything that you have planned in your mind several years back are not anymore applicable to your current style and taste. You may have always dreamed of having a pastel colored wedding but now, you are eying something more bold and daring such as orange perhaps.

But then, you are somewhat worried because you have no idea what orange flowers to use for your wedding. Do not fret, this guide on unique orange flower arrangement will help you find the perfect adornment for your spectacular orange wedding.

Glowing Bouquet
Orange blooms create a dramatic and spirited atmosphere. The flowers' striking contrast with the bride's lovely white gown can produce a stunning effect. This makes them wonderful to use for the bride's bouquet.
White, peach, and orange roses would probably be the top among the list of bouquet flowers for an orange wedding. But if you want something unique and exotic, there is a wide range of orange flowers to choose from.

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For the bride's bouquet, you can combine yellow and orange calla lilies with cherry red hypericum berries and orange roses. Arrange these flowers in a nice round bouquet. Add some greens to it. Tie it with a bright orange satin or organza ribbon.

Another option would be to have red dahlias, orange calla lilies, and golden black-eyed Susans arranged loosely on an autumn inspired bouquet. If you do not want the colors to be too intense, you can include some green hydrangea blossoms to even out the look. Design the bouquet using a white or yellow silk ribbon.
You can also make use of different orange shades of tulips and then mix them with some orange and yellow dahlias for an enthusiastic and colorful bouquet.

Exquisite Flower Decors
Orange flowers are also the perfect option for decoration as these vibrant blooms can surely liven up the ambiance and create a dramatic and charming backdrop for this exquisite occasion. Whether you are planning to have romantic atmosphere or a robust and fiery one, there are different types of orange flowers to suit your needs.

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Dazzling blossoms of orange dahlias, orange montbretia, orange cockscomb, peach roses, and peach parrot tulips can create a glorious flower arrangement with a very cheerful color palette. Fresh green gladiolus can make the look a little subdued. You can use this arrangement for decorating the altar, the pews, or the reception area.

Orange Roses
For the table centerpiece, you can make use of succulent blooms of orange calla lilies coupled with red, yellow, and white roses neatly arranged in a square glass vase. Place orange votive candles around the centerpiece for a more stunning effect.

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Other unique orange flowers that you can mix and match into floral arrangements include orange long gloriosa lilies, dahlias, amaranthus, alstroemeria and Asiatic lilies, and buffalo orange vanda orchids.
White roses, red and gold saffron, geranium foliage, red dendrobium orchids, pale yellow tulips, and peach dahlias are just some of the add-ons you can put in to provide a more varied palette to the flower arrangements.

Orange is such a bright and festive color that many brides aspire to have an orange wedding. It is actually the perfect shade for couples who want to have a wedding that would stand out among the rest. Choose beautiful and stunning orange flowers to complete your special day.

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