If you live in a destination with temperate weather, you may want to take advantage of it by hosting your wedding outdoors. Many popular venues allow you to take advantage of natural beauty, light, and expansive seating arrangements. Indoor weddings can often be stuffy or cramped, and they also lack nature's beautiful backdrop. Whether it's a sunset on one of many private golf courses or just an intimate setting in your backyard, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration before making your final choice. Explore your options to discover which setting is right for you.

Golf Courses

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For many, this setting offers an easy way to be outdoors while offering a nearby indoor area to hold a reception. You can set up chairs along the green and let the natural hue bring beautiful contrast to your color scheme. When the vows have been exchanged, your party can quickly transfer to an indoor area set up with food, drinks, and dancing. Alternatively, you could set up a wooden dance floor outside if the weather is in its prime. Be sure to tour many golf courses before making your final choice.


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If you love the wine country, holding a wedding amidst the grapevines may be just the right choice for you. Take advantage of the rustic ambiance and capture photos while out and about on the vineyard. Many vineyards offer private tasting rooms that are large enough to accommodate your wedding party. If not, setting up an outdoor reception would be a great way to revel in the natural beauty. Of course, you'll want to make sure there are plenty of bottles of wine and tapas to go around


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No one can deny the natural beauty of sandy shores and crashing waves. Whether you have your nuptials right on the water or on an overlooking cliff, you'll surely add an extra flair to your special day. If it's hot out, be sure to make your guests comfortable by supplying water and possibly outdoor fans. A great choice for beach weddings would be to hold the ceremony just outside a resort, allowing for an indoor reception to be just steps away. Preferably, the indoor area will have open light and access to the lush location.


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If you want to work on a smaller budget while still enjoying some fresh air, consider hosting your wedding in your own backyard. If you don't have ample space, try reaching out to family friends who have more accommodating properties. This would be a great time to pursue tents or outdoor lights to add some extra ambiance. Going this route is not only cost friendly, but also very personal and intimate.
When you're ready to commit to your venue, be sure to make visits and write down the pros and cons of each location. As with any outdoor wedding, be sure to double check the weather.


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