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The big question, will it be "rice" or those fancy neon colored sparklers for our upcoming very special event?
Rice is the old tradition that has been a concern for sometime now. As we celebrate this very special occasion, we throw rice all over the bride and groom outside the chapel. Unfortunately, one of the issues is when we do this, the birds associate the rice with bird seed. Birds have a very hard time digesting rice which can lead to their demise. A current trend today is leaning toward wedding sparklers. Sparklers today come in many different varieties, constructions materials and effects. New to the market place, recently companies have added colored sparklers in their inventories and are selling these fireworks novelties to wedding planners. Would one consider this a better alternative than rice?

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Sparklers regardless if they are on a bamboo stick or a steel wire, they burn extremely hot. Caution should be used when igniting sparklers at a wedding ceremony.

Sparklers should only be used outside and under proper circumstances. Proper clothing should be worn and never allow a sparkler to come in contact with the skin or clothing. Regardless if a sparkler is on a steel wire or bamboo stick, with colored, silver or gold sparkles it is probably better than shower one with the old traditional rice concept.

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When we leave the chapel and head for the reception hall, this is where we let the party begin. Dinner, dancing with live music or a great DJ, set the scene for an outstanding celebration for a special day joining two individuals together.

Selection of the reception location with be crucial if you are planning to finish the evening off with the skies filled with fireworks. This can be the tricky part for those planning an event where they wish to have a fireworks finale as part of their special celebration.

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Firework shows are becoming more and more popular today. Planning is everything for the show to go on. Before securing your reception location, the question should be asked. Can we legally have a fireworks show at this location? Distance for spectators is a main concern for those who are going to discharge this fireworks for you. Time limits in certain areas prevent fireworks from being discharged after certain times. Insurance can go either way, depending if you're able to secure insurance under your homeowners policy or having the fireworks companies insurance cover your event. This trend is happening now. Jump on board to a fabulous time and a great big bang at the end.


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