There are many brides nowadays that are more into DIY for some reasons. There are actually several parts of your wedding that you can DIY to show off what you got and of course to save money. It is also a great excuse to let other people help you. Your bridesmaids, mom, and sisters are most probably just waiting for you to tap them. It will be a great honor for them to help you make whatever you need to make for your wedding.

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One of the most popular elements that many brides are making on their own are the wedding favors. Creating your own wedding favors - simple or elaborate - makes a fun and quality time especially when joined by the your closest friends and family members. Making your own favors creates a great time for you to relax with other gals, with a few drinks and chitchat. Sometimes, it also help getting all your favors made and packaged much quicker. So if you are planning to DIY your wedding favors, hold it together with your friends and family member in a simple place but with lots of foods and fun topics to discuss!

If you want to make your mother-in-law get involved in some parts of your wedding planning, then making your own souvenirs could be one great solution. It is also one sneaky way to trick them, getting them out from the things that you wanted to handle all by yourself.

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DIY wedding favors are actually a practical way to stay within the budget you can afford. People can never escape the fact that most homemade goods are a lot cheaper than store-bought items. This is because you are in charge of all the possible purchase-able things that are necessary in making the favors. And obviously, there's no need for you to pay someone who helped you handcraft you favors.

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As you may know, a wedding is all about you and your groom-to-be. It should be planned according to your personal desires. Perhaps it is also a great way if you will gonna include your own personal touch on some of the details of your wedding. Thus, making your own wedding favors is just a cool idea to consider. You will be the one who will determine the design you want, and you can easily pick the style and the kind of personalization for your wedding favors. Instead of your names and wedding date, you can also personalize each favor with each name of your guest. However, if you are expecting a large number of people, it may not be a good decision as it could take months to finish them all.

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There are, however, kits that are available at local craft stores and online stores that can help you create DIY wedding favors. Other parts of your wedding that you can DIY are your wedding invitations, wedding centerpieces, cake topper, wedding guest book, and even your bridal accessories, bridesmaids gifts and gifts for other wedding attendants.


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