Pink and green is one of the prettiest color combinations to use for your wedding. It is a cheerful duo, always fresh, feminine, and upbeat. For beautiful centerpieces at any time of the year, use pink and green flowers to create your displays.

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There are so many ways that pink and green can be used together. The combination is classic and preppy, meaning that it never goes out of style. Pink and green flowers are perfect for the bride who is wearing a timeless gown with pearl bridal jewelry. Of course, you do not have to limit the colors to your flowers - pink and green bridesmaid dresses would be wonderful, and they also pair beautifully with classic pearl bridal jewelry for your attendants.

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The best way to choose flowers for your centerpieces is by finding out what is going to be in season at the time of your wedding. There are certainly plenty of flowers that are available year round, such as roses and carnations, but there are many others that are at their peak at a specific time of the year. And choosing an out-of-season flower that has to be imported from a far off land will be considerably more expensive than picking something more readily available.

Nothing says "spring" like a tulip. These elegant flowers are available in many shades from the palest pink Dutch tulip to the wildest hot pink parrot tulip. It all depends on if you prefer your centerpieces to be more classic and restrained or more exuberant and bold. The parrot tulips can be combined with exotic flowers such as green cymbidium orchids; the more delicate pale pink tulips would be lovely when accented with soft green gray lamb's ear.

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There are countless other fantastic pink and green centerpiece ideas for weddings of any style or season. A large tall vase overflowing with pink and green hydrangeas would be lovely for an elegant summer affair. Green viburnum also blends well with the full round hydrangea for additional texture and interest.

Peonies and garden roses are two of the most scrumptious flowers that you can use in your centerpieces. There is nothing quite like the romance of these full, open flowers for a wedding bouquet or centerpiece. You can create let the pink flowers take center stage by designing floral displays in a wide range of pink colors. To add in the fresh green contrast color, place the arrangements in vintage green hobnail glass vases.

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Submerged floral centerpieces are all the rage these days, and they would work beautifully with the pink and green color combination. One of the best choices for flowers to submerge in a tall clear cylinder is green orchids. Layer in stems of pink berries, and for a finishing touch, adhere a tailored pink and green silk ribbon to the top of each glass cylinder. You will have instant style.

There are a surprising number of other options for green flowers and accents to layer in with pink blossoms in your centerpieces. Anything from lemon leaves to ferns to gladioli can be used to give a pop of green in your pink displays. You will be able to create centerpieces for your wedding that manage to be both visually interesting and still timeless at the same time.


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