Wedding is a start of another life period. Choose a pair of perfect shoes can take you to another wonderful journey. Because the wedding process will normally last for one or two days, brides will ignore everything just for their beauty. They hardly realize the tiredness and busyness on that day. Hence your wedding shoes should not only be wonderful, but also quite comfortable. Here are some steps listed to help you choose a pair of beautiful and suitable wedding shoes.

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Step 1: Material of wedding shoes
Leather must be the most common material for wedding shoes. It can fit most occasions and leather shoes are easy to match with wedding dress. Even after your wedding, leather shoes can be worn on dairy life. It is different from wedding dress for dressing once in life time.

It's important to choose a pair of soft and breathable leather shoes. Otherwise it will let your feet sweat and stuffy so that you will feel uncomfortable. Shoe soles should not be so thin or your feet will be tired. It'd better anti-skidding so you needn't worry whether the floor is slippery or there is water sprinkling on ground.

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Step 2: Style of wedding shoes
Simple style of wedding shoes can often flatter the luxury of wedding dress. Round head and mules are the common look on wedding. It can fit with your beautiful wedding dress on day and also your evening gown. High strappy shoes are very chic style because it can show your good leg length. It can fit well with summer short wedding dress.

Shoes with bling-bling can be worn with complicated dress to show luxury temperament. Besides shoes with crystal, there are other styles of shoes like metal and ribbon. If you like pearl, you can choose a pair of shoes embellished with pearls. You should be aware of not buying some with brass or plastic embellishment. These shoes seem to be cheap and totally don't match with your noble wedding dress.

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Step 3: Height of Shoes
Brides should bear on mind not to blindly seek for beauty. Just choose a pair of shoes with proper height according to your daily habit of shoes. Don't just wish to make your legs look slimmer and thinner so that choose too high heels. This will make you feel more tired on wedding day, In case you happen to sprain ankle even fall down, it's so embarrassed for you. If normally you are used to wear sport shoes, you can consider to select low heels but not too thin. Remember to practice more before your wedding.

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Step 4: Match of shoes
Wedding dresses are mainly white and the gowns changed by brides are most light color. Therefore, wedding shoes matched with dresses might be white, silver, beige and pink as main color. These are common colors on wedding. First because it will not let you make mistake, secondly you can save money on shoes which you wear to match with wedding dresses on different colors.

For some unique brides, they can choose golden, light green, pink, coral, violet purple and light yellow as your main color on shoes.

Step 5: Adaptation period of shoes
When you recently buy your shoes, especially leather shoes normally are worn uncomfortably. Thus after buying wedding shoes, you'd better spend half an hour on practicing every day before your wedding.
Remember to prepare for some adhesive bandages in case you can't bear long-time standing.


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