With all the time and effort that goes into preparing for the wedding ceremony, it's easy to forget that the first impression your guests have will be before the wedding even starts: using personalized wedding invitations gets things off to the right start. Here's why:

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Most people who get wedding invitations spend a few years getting quite a few -- as their friends from college and their first jobs get a little older and start to get married, there are a few years in their mid to late 20's when people are inundated with wedding invitations. How do you make yours stand out? Simple -- pick personalized wedding invitations that show something distinctive about yourself, something unique about the wedding, and that show you chose something with a specific person in mind.

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There are many personalized wedding invitations to choose from, so the first step is narrowing down your selection. It's best to start by looking at what kind of theme you want to emphasize. If you're having a traditional wedding, you might want your personalized wedding invitations to show a more Victorian motif, with a design that pictures a bride and groom, a wedding cake, or wedding rings. For slightly less traditional ceremonies, your personalized wedding invitations might include flowers or another nature-related design. For a more modern wedding, using geometric designs or color patterns, rather than specific images, is the best choice for your personalized wedding invitations.

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It's best not to count on just the design, though. When you select personalized wedding invitations, try to include text that also tips off your guests -- but don't spoil any surprises. If you're going to do something special or unusual at your wedding, it's best for your wedding invitation to mention it only if it would affect your guest's plans. Otherwise, let them have a memorable surprise they'll be talking about for years.

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You should, of course, use the text of your personalized wedding invitations to let guests know when and where the wedding will take place, as well as any information on what they should bring or what unusual variations on the ceremony they should be prepared for. Beyond that, it's often a good idea to include a more personal note that lets your guest know you thought specifically about inviting them.

It's hard to overlook the importance of wedding invitations, and the importance of customizing them to make a good first impression. Everything your guests think about the wedding from the first time they hear about it to the moment they arrive for the ceremony will be in some way affected by how they were invited, so it's important to think carefully about the wedding invitations. A crucial step in this process is finding a good source for personalized wedding invitations. Working with someone who focuses on providing unique cards and invitations is the best way to ensure that you get exactly the card you need to make your wedding as memorable as it deserves to be.


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