When you are trying to create a romantic ambiance, never overlook the power of lighting. The right lighting will add so much to your wedding venue, while a poor lighting scheme can definitely kill the mood. Learn how to design a romantic lighting plan that will enhance the beauty of your wedding.

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In general, soft lighting is more romantic and more flattering than direct harsh lighting. The absolute worst lighting of all is overhead fluorescent lights. If your venue happens to have that sort of ceiling lighting, you will definitely want to come up with a plan to tone it down as much as possible. Sometimes, it can be as simple as turning off about half of the lights, especially if you are having a daytime wedding and there will be some natural light. Another great trick is to drape sheer fabric over fluorescent light panels. Pink and pastel sheers will cast a very pretty glow over the room.

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Candlelight is always beautiful for weddings. It can be lovely for the wedding ceremony to have floor candelabras near the altar. The soft flickering glow will enhance the radiance of the bride and dance on her crystal wedding jewelry. Consult with your wedding photographer to ensure that the altar will not be too dim or the shadows too harsh to get good pictures. You can also line the aisle with candles in lanterns, which is especially beautiful for an evening wedding or one held outdoors.

No wedding reception would be complete without candles. They can be the key feature of the centerpieces, in the form of a hurricane lantern or grand candelabra. Even if you have chosen floral centerpieces, the reception tables should still be decked out with plenty of glowing candles. Surround the vases with votive candles in beautiful Moroccan holders in jewel tones for a festive effect. You can set out small votives in seashells for a beach wedding, floating candles for a garden wedding, or candles in silver holders for a formal celebration.

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photo credit: snooggie.com
Bringing in your own overhead lighting is one of the best ways to create a romantic mood for your wedding. This is the reason behind the immense popularity of renting chandeliers to decorate a wedding reception. Turn down the overhead lights and let the soft glow from the chandeliers cast a gentle glow over the dinner tables. Chandeliers are also excellent for adding light to a dim space, such as an evening wedding in a tent or one outdoors under the trees. The style of chandeliers can vary tremendously, so there is something to suit any wedding. There are rustic chandeliers, vintage-inspired pieces, modern ones, and ornate crystal chandeliers which are fabulous with crystal wedding jewelry.

If you really want to transform a space, consider working with a lighting specialist. They can use colorwashes over the walls of the reception venue to completely control the mood of the room, often changing the hue for different parts of the reception. For instance, a soft pink would be lovely during dinner, and then a brighter orange or red hue could be used to bring up the energy of the room for dancing. You can even get custom lighting which casts images and shadows on the walls and ceilings. Transform a hotel ballroom into an enchanted forest or a Southern California venue into a snowy Winter Wonderland. There is almost no limit to the ways in which you can use lighting to create exactly the ambiance you desire for your wedding.


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