If there is a perfect time of year to get married, it must be spring. The spring rains have turned the brown grass back to green and the flowers are awakening from their winter nap. The gardens are coming to life and the while world seems to be coming alive. It truly is a season of rebirth. It is symbolic of wedding, the ending of two single lives and the beginning of a life as one. With those gardens starting to grow and the temperature still cool what a great time for a wedding in the garden. The spring wedding favors and the garden wedding favors will echo back to your joyous day.

photo credit: weddingomania.com

photo credit: weddingomania.com
Well, the first place you need to start for your spring wedding is where to have it. Do you want a church decorated with white ribbons and spring flowers or do you prefer the more natural setting of a spring garden out side? They both have pros and cons. Churches dress up well for weddings (as they should, it's one of their reasons for being), it has a roof above and hopeful no bugs. For a lot of people it's not a wedding if it's not in a church and they believe it is a must if you want the marriage consecrated. For many others, however, its not a real concern. Follow your beliefs here it is your day and your wedding.

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Outdoor weddings can be much cheaper to decorate as you surrounded by flowers and greenery. Before you opt for a garden wedding, there are things that you will need to consider. For instance, the setting basically rules out wearing a long train and high heel shoes will spike into the ground. Then you also have to contend with the weather. You are going to have to have a back up plan in case it rains. The upside is when it all comes together well it seems magical. Now there is always the reception that can be a great compromise. You can have a church wedding and a garden reception. Does that break any rules? It's your day, you make the rules.

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photo credit: brides.com
Inside or out, the colors for spring weddings remain about the same. Try to stay with the softer colors like pastels. If you are doing your ceremony in a garden it might be best to find out what will be blooming because you wouldn't want to clash with your backdrop. If you find the perfect spot you might be able to have some early blooming annuals that are picked just for the color of your wedding. You can also tell your florist what will be in bloom and see if they can work some of those flowers into a bouquet.

At your reception you will want to keep that feeling of spring alive. Try to use smaller flowers (one foot sunflowers would look out of place) and lots of baby's breath to help give it the airy, spring like feel even indoors. Even try to keep the candles a little smaller. The effect is one of growth, baby candles about to grow. If you do use the smaller flowers use tea candles. Vines are a very real part of spring but use green ones (for growth) rather than the dries brown ones. A little bit of rustic is ok, just don't go overboard.
Whichever way you decide to go there are many spring wedding favors. Finding one that matches your wedding plans won't be hard.


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