Before you started planning a wedding, did you ever realize that there are so many shades of white? There is bright white, white with a yellow undertone, bluish-white, pinkish white, not to mention ivory, cream, and champagne. Not all whites are right for every wedding; you will find that there is a shade of white that will be perfect for you and your wedding.

Naturally the first thing that any newly engaged woman thinks about is shopping for her dream gown. This may be the first time when you encounter the dizzying array of whites that are out there. There are some simple guidelines that will help you to determine which shade of white will be most flattering to your skin tone and hair color. As a rule of thumb, women who are fair with blond hair look best in ivory. On the other hand, if you have olive skin, the yellow undertones in ivory will make you look sallow, so a true white or a diamond white (also called natural white) is better for you. African-American brides will also look radiant in pure white, and they will find that a deep champagne tone will be stunning on them as well.

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Your complexion is not necessarily the only factor to consider when choosing your perfect shade of white. For instance, if the gown you fall in love with is made from polyester, the white might have that artificial blue undertone that can be too harsh and intensely white. So you might opt to buy that particular gown in ivory, even if white had been your original plan. The reverse can happen, too. When I was having my wedding gown made, I fell in love with a gorgeous Venise lace that was only available in white. Since I had to have that exact lace, I had a white gown, even though ivory would have been my first choice for color.

Your accessories should coordinate with your gown and with your skin tone, especially when you have chosen pearl bridal jewelry. Blond brides can wear pearls with a slightly creamier cast to them that might not flatter a deeper skin tone. A silvery undertone in the white pearl bridal jewelry would be ideal for a brunette, and pearls with the slight pinkish tone known as rosé cast a flattering glow onto every shade of skin.

Once you have decided on the shade of white for your bridal gown, there is still more to be determined. Weddings are abundant with white, from the stationery to the flowers to the linens, and so you will have more choices to make. Sometimes the season and location can help to guide you. In general, a bright crisp white looks the freshest for a summer wedding, especially if it is by the ocean.

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The warm colors of autumn will be complemented by a rich ivory for the linens and flowers. And a sparkling white creates a great Winter Wonderland effect for cold weather weddings. Spring is a bit more up in the air; white feels fresh and breezy, but a soft ivory looks lovely with the pastel flowers of the season.

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With these tips in mind, it should be easier to choose your perfect version of the white wedding. And remember that you don't have to limit yourself to just one shade of white. All of the different varieties of white and ivory can be combined to create a wedding that is dreamy and romantic.



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