If you are planning a red themed wedding one of the items you may consider purchasing to accent your reception hall is wedding favors. The color red is an extremely strong color. Too much can be too harsh on your guests' eyes, so aim to decorate your wedding with red accents. One of the ways you can easily bring your color theme to your reception without overdoing it is by placing red wedding favors on each place setting. This will give your tables and location a great pop of color without screaming "red".

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If you are planning a Christmas, Valentine's, or Asian themed wedding, red is a perfect color for your day. But red works well in any month and any season. When planning a red themed wedding, you must consider that this color is emotionally intense - it is the color of love and passion. It also can cause faster breathing, increased pulse and can act as an appetite stimulant. It sounds like the perfect recipe for a high intensity, fun filled wedding. Some considerations for red themed weddings are food and entertainment - make sure you have the right mix of music and the right amount of food for your guests.

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If you are having a Christmas wedding, there are a variety of ornaments and seasonal favors which will work with the color palette. For Valentine's weddings anything heart shaped in your color scheme is perfect for your day. Asian themed weddings may also want to compliment red with the traditional Asian wedding colors of gold and black.

A great idea which will compliment your wedding theme while satisfying your guests appetites is to give edible wedding favors in the color of the day - red! Think red Jordan almonds, cinnamon hearts or foil wrapped chocolate hearts will go well with your theme. There is also a large selection of red themed personalized Hershey bar and personalized mint tin designs on the market today - perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth while using your accent color.



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