The color scheme that you choose for your wedding will influence everything from the bridesmaid dresses to the flowers to the table linens. Therefore it is one of the most important choices you will make about your wedding (other than the groom!). One of the best looking color combinations is navy blue and pink.

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Pink and navy blue are a very crisp pairing. The pink is a traditional feminine color for weddings, and the navy blue is just such a classic color. Used together, the effect is timeless and a bit preppy. Navy and pink are also a great choice for weddings because you have a nice balance between the masculine (navy) and the feminine (pink). Many grooms will find this to be a more appealing color scheme than an all pink wedding.
Pink and navy blue can be used for a wedding in any location, but they will look especially nice by the sea. It is a fresh color palette to use at a wedding on a beach or at a yacht club. The two colors would be perfect for a semi-formal afternoon wedding.

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The first place to start with your wedding colors is the bridal party. In this case, the choice is easy: pink dresses for the bridesmaids and navy suits for the groom and his attendants. If your wedding is a bit less formal, it would look terrific for the men in the wedding to wear navy blazers with tan trousers. They can wear ties with a pink and navy motif, such as palm trees or whales for an oceanside ceremony.

Naturally the bride will want her wedding attire to suit the theme of her wedding. A simple classic A-line gown would be great with such a crisp color scheme. To bring the colors into your outfit, think about carrying a bouquet of pink flowers tied with a navy blue satin or grosgrain ribbon. Finish off your wedding ensemble with the timeless look of pearl bridal jewelry. The classic beauty of pearl bridal jewelry will be ideal for not only the bride, but her attendants as well.

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The navy and pink color scheme is a great one for your wedding invitations. A very pale pink paper looks stunning engraved with navy ink. For such a crisp and classic color palette, it would look best to stick with simple card stock, perhaps with just a small motif or monogram in the navy. You should also use a classic font for your lettering. If you want to give your invitations a more modern edge, choose square paper with a san-serif font.

For your centerpieces, pink flowers would again be the perfect choice. As with the bouquets, you can bring in navy accents in the form of ribbons. A tall clear glass cylinder looks wonderful with a ribbon tied around it. You can also think about using some navy colored votive candles.

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Table linens will have a major impact on the look of your wedding. For a navy and blue wedding, it would look very pretty to use pale pink tablecloths topped with navy napkins or runners. You can also use pink chair covers accented with a navy bow. You could do the reverse, and use navy tablecloths with pink napkins, but the effect could end up being too dark and heavy for a daytime wedding.

Pink is a color that is frequently used for weddings, but it is not that commonly paired with navy blue. It is a color combination that really works, being both less typical, but also very crisp and timeless at the same time. Once you start looking at the possibilities, you might just find that pink and navy blue will be perfect for your wedding.



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