A wedding shower is one of pre-wedding parties that come first before the actual day of the wedding. Traditionally, this event is organized and hosted by a wedding attendant (usually maid of honor). Planning a wedding shower is both exciting and challenging. To know how, here are the steps that are usually followed when planning one.

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1. Check out if there's someone who already planned a shower for her. It won't be a good idea to throw two showers with the same faces of people that will attend. Sure you can throw another one but it should be different. A home-based shower is a bit different from an office shower. So take this into consideration.

2. Decide on the date. Traditionally, wedding showers are held a month before the wedding day, however these days many people are planning a wedding shower less than a month prior to the wedding date. Either of the two will do, but just make sure that the bride and groom are free on that date as well as the guests they would like to be at the party.

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3. Choose a theme for the wedding shower. It is ideal to have theme as it can help you plan the event easier; when it comes to choosing decorations and party favors for instance. Also, a theme creates a mood to the entire venue, making the shower more personalized and memorable. When choosing a theme, choose the one that is related to the bride and groom. Think of what's common among the two and make your reference when deciding the perfect theme for their wedding shower.

4. Create a budget. Planning a wedding party these days can be very expensive. So when you decide to throw a wedding shower to a couple, make sure that you have enough budget to spend. Set a realistic budget first before you shop anything. It is not a good idea to ask for contribution to the couple, as the shower will serve as a gift for them.

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5. Make a guest list. This is very important as most of the needed party supplies will be based on the number of guests that will attend. You can work this out with the couple, but if it is a surprise party, you can ask their parents to seek help in making the list.

6. Purchase necessary items such as decorations, invitations and party favors. You may consider shopping online if you find it cheaper than shopping at a local store. Of course, you have to pick items according to the theme of the party. When you send invitations, it should three to four weeks before the wedding shower so that invited guests will have plenty of time to arrange their schedules and prepare gifts.

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7. Decide on the menu. Foods and drinks can vary depending on the time of the day the party is held. If you are on a limited budget, don't worry because it is not mandatory to prepare a sit-down meal for everyone. In fact, you may even plan to have a pot lock party.

8. Lastly, prepare bridal shower games. There are lots of games to play, one of the most popular is bingo or any trivia game about the couple. You can provide wedding party favors to the winners of the games. You can find lots of fun wedding and bridal shower ideas online. It is up to you to choose the what is right for the theme you pick for the wedding shower you are planning for the couple.



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