A Black and white wedding theme is perfect for so many couples because there are many advantages to choosing these contrasting colours. The combination of black and white is timeless and elegant and will never go out of fashion. With such as stark contrasts your guests will not miss all the attention to detail you put into the colour theme of your wedding.

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Your wedding photos will be a reminder of your wedding day and with a black and white wedding theme you're wedding photos will have a wonderful co-ordinated background no matter which wedding accessories you've captured within them. This is especially true if you're wearing a wedding dress which is an alternative colour to white. A friend of mine used a black and white wedding theme and wore a scarlet wedding dress, not only did it ensure she was the focus of the room but it really gave her wedding photos a contemporary edge and all her wedding guests raved about for months after.

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One of the best things about using black and white as your wedding theme is that accessories are so easy to come by you can buy them from pound shops or your local supermarket. So if you're trying to cut costs on your wedding, black and white accessories are going to be the easiest to find and the cheapest to buy. For example black candle holders can be found at a number of places and can be bought for as little as a pound each. Or you could place a single black calla lily in a tall white vase.

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Black and white ribbon is easily obtainable for decorating chairs and walkways. Black and White Wedding Invitations will give your guests a preview to the wedding but set the scene with the elegant colour combination. It is also easy to match the wedding accessories as different accessories bought from different ranges or shops will vary in shades but with black or white this won't be as noticeable like it would be in your colour scheme was pink or green.

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If you're having a formal wedding a black and white wedding theme helps give an overall formality but you could keep thing interesting by picking wedding accessories that are humorous or cute making your wedding unique to you. If you're getting married or having your wedding reception in a stately home or historic building, a black and white wedding theme is more suited; if you've spent extra money to get married in a beautiful building make sure your wedding scheme compliments it not detracts from it's beauty.

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Often couples aren't sure what to do after the wedding is over and they have an abundance of vases, candles and other wedding accessories. Some couples choose to give them away to their guests in the hope they will be reused, not just thrown in the rubbish bin and added to landfill. If you choose black and white wedding accessories most guests would be able to find a spot for them in their own homes helping you to recycle.
So there are many reason why choosing black and white as your wedding theme, it could work out cheaper, lots of different wedding accessories are available in these colours and they make it easy for your wedding to be elegant and provide timeless backgrounds to your wedding photos.



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