Purple is one of the most popular colors for 2010 weddings. What better way to enjoy the rich tones of this elegant color than by using it to decorate your wedding reception? These are some great ideas for purple wedding decorations.

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When decorating with purple, you can either opt for a few touches, or go all out with a layered effect created by different shades of purple from lavender to plum. The layered look is a great way to use a lot of a signature color without it becoming overwhelming. Especially when it is a deeper hue like purple, mixing in some lighter accents in a similar shade can be a really good idea. That is great news for brides who want to really indulge in a purple fantasy for everything from bridesmaid dresses and jewelry to flowers to linens to lighting.

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Speaking of lighting, it is perhaps the best way to decorate your wedding with purple. Cast a soft purple wash of light over your reception space, and it will be instantly transformed. Depending on what you choose for flowers and linens, the effect can be modern chic, romantic, royal, or perhaps even a bit mysterious. A soft glow cast over white walls is a great use of colored lighting. Another idea is to use uplighting placed in the base of the centerpieces and pots of tall white birch branches on the floor. The purple lighting will tend to project the most attractively over white, purple, and silver decorations, especially when it comes to the wedding flowers.

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Fabric can be another wonderful way to decorate your reception with purple. For a tented wedding, there are numerous possibilities for draping fabric in your signature color. Try suspending great swags of a lilac chiffon or tulle over the ceiling of the tent to instantly transform the space. If a regal effect is more your style, purple velvet drapes are a magnificent way to hide tent poles. Tie them back with silver tassels to increase the opulence. If you plan to have a lounge area at your wedding reception, it would be fantastic to cover the rented furniture with large custom throw pillows in a mixture of the same purple velvet, a purple jacquard material, and maybe even a textured pillow, like a silk dupioni or faux fur.

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Naturally, the centerpieces and other floral arrangements will be one of the primary ways in which you decorate your wedding reception with your favorite color. There are tons of gorgeous purple wedding flowers from which to choose. You can create an elegant effect with tall silver vases filled with purple roses and dripping briolette crystals, which is perfect for a formal wedding (and so pretty if your bridesmaid jewelry is also made of purple crystals). Or opt for an atmosphere of old-fashioned romance by designing centerpieces which feature sweetpeas, hydrangeas, and roses in shades of lavender and plum. Purple wedding flowers can also be dramatic, such as a centerpiece made from exotic orchids and grand peacock feathers.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can decorate your wedding with purple. You can also consider using vintage china with a purple pattern, lilac colored tablecloths, and even whimsical purple silk or feather butterflies to perch in the centerpieces or on the edge of wine glasses. Also keep in mind that your wedding cake and favors can be used as part of your decorating scheme. With all of these wonderful possibilities, it is no wonder that brides love purple so much!



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