Creating a personal and unique wedding is all about being creative and using your imagination. One theme which fits that perfectly is Alice in Wonderland. The imaginative tale by Lewis Carroll sets a typical young girl, Alice, in an extraordinary world called Wonderland. Here many bizarre and wondrous things happen to Alice as she explores the world and meets its colorful characters. There are so many interesting details to this story that it would be fairly easy to incorporate it into a wedding ceremony and reception.

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For starters, using imagery from the story would bring its flavor to the ceremony. For instance, playing cards (especially the Queen of Hearts), red roses, and ribbons could be used as accents. If the ceremony is to be held outdoors, it would fit particularly well with the theme. Be sure to include plenty of plant life like flowers and mushrooms. If the ceremony is held indoors, the wonderland environment can be portrayed easily by using artificial grass or a green carpet with the addition of flowers and other plants.

Your vows can be written in rhyme or incorporate riddles in keeping with the story. Although riddles can be lighthearted jokes, they can also be romantic. For instance:

I am just two and two
I am warm, I am cold,
I am lawful, unlawful
A duty, a fault
I am often sold dear,
Good for nothing when bought;
An extraordinary boon,
and a matter of course,
and yielding with pleasure
When taken by force.

(The answer is "a kiss.") Another romantic riddle: "What is the strongest of all things?"-"Love: iron is strong, but the blacksmith is stronger, and love can subdue the blacksmith." Try searching for riddles that would be appropriate for a wedding, or try writing one yourself!

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If you like, you can go even further by suggesting attendees and guests dress up as characters from the film. An alternative would be members of the bridal party dress up as characters. Perhaps the flower girl would make a good Alice while the ring-bearer could be the white rabbit.

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For the reception, a tea party would fit perfectly! Serve tea in saucers with cakes and other pastries or light finger foods. (If you're really adventurous, try a "mad tea party" complete with plenty of tea cups, bent spoons, riddles and jokes.) In keeping with the theme, use playing cards as placement cards with guests' names printed on them. Let guests play croquet as a fun game. Wedding favors could be made of cakes with the words "Eat Me" printed on them, or even timepieces like clocks (real or artificial) to replicate items from the story.

The important thing about a wedding ceremony and reception is to personalize it and to have fun. It's a celebration of the union between two people. If the Alice in Wonderland theme appeals to you, use it to create an imaginative and magical day for the two of you and your guests.



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