A small, delicate flower emerges from dark jagged branches to create a beautiful blanket of pink petals. These are the tiny flowers of the cherry tree, which are commonly found in Asian regions like China, Korea and Japan. These trees represent spring time in these regions, and are also symbols good fortune, love and affection. These flowers are used in creating an Asian or Oriental theme in homes and the cherry blossom wedding decorations can also create a gorgeous look to your event.

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The cherry tree and the flowers are used quite often in works of art because of their meaning and what the represent in the Oriental culture. In a movie or play they will be part of the scenery reflecting an image felt to epitomize the Asian landscape. To enhance your Oriental wedding theme you can incorporate many classic items into your d├ęcor and certainly the splendor of the cherry blossom wedding decorations can be a big part of this.

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To remind your guests of this wonderful experience the favors can include this pretty soft pink blossom. Glass coasters with the graceful branches of the cherry tree frosted into the pattern. A square candle with the majestic deep dark branches and pink blossoms embedded into the face, and tied off with a rich brown bow and thank you tag. Both ideas are just wonderful gifts as well, sitting at each place setting they will work to complete your theme and add to the oriental flare you have worked to create.

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As with all the flowers of the spring season the cherry blossoms are not around for long. In this instance they can symbolize the fleeting nature of life. Your wedding day may be over in a few short hours but the love and affection will be there a lifetime. Perhaps we can use this as a symbol to remind us that each day is a gift and to enjoy it!

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