Wedding cards are something which gives the first impression to the guests. As they say, "First Impression is The Last Impression", it is very important to have a good eyeing wedding card in order to create excitement in the guest's mind.

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Traditionally, Indian wedding Cards often include 2-3 page wedding invitation for various functions inside an attractive envelope with a separate box of sweets. Times are changing now, new creations and innovations are taking place in the Wedding Cards Business. One such innovation is a Wedding Invitation Box. The Wedding Invitation Box happens to be a wooden box which has space for sweets or chocolates as well as the wedding card, both kept together with a thin wooden plate acting as a partition.

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It is a three dimension wooden box which may be in different colors, shapes & designs and sizes depending upon the theme of the wedding. These boxes are not only convenient but also look attractive and gives a distinctive feel to your wedding invitation.

These boxes are usually available at leading wedding card stores. The design and outlay of the box depend on the designs available with the store. If you wish to go for a different and customized design, some vendors do provide this facility as well. Apart from that, there are a few vendors' 3-D printing cafes which can also help you in printing your customized designs. Though, 3-D printing is not very common, it is a very upcoming and usually an expensive trend.

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3-D printed cards might be a far off option, but in the meantime, if you wish to get your customized wedding box design, you can look forward to the present vendors offering many options. A well designed wedding card box can cost you between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 10,000 per box including the cost of cards, sweets and chocolates.

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One should often look for combined packages which include cost of cards, box, sweets & chocolates. Purchasing everything separately usually ends up being more expensive and botheration.

One other advantage of such invitation boxes is that they end up being used as a good souvenir by the guests and regularly remind them of the good memories of your wedding. So, go ahead and give your guests a pleasant and designer wedding invitation which they could cherish all their life. This way you can leave an everlasting impression on your guests to recall sweet memories of your marriage.


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