Are you a couple who is eco friendly? Or is one of the partners' insisting on giving eco friendly wedding favors away? It is no longer considered the weird thing to want everything organic around, not even at your own wedding. It is more like supporting a cause through your wedding. Not such a bad thing is it. Green wedding favors are becoming increasingly popular at a lot of wedding. Eco friendly favors another term for the same are seen at even celebrity weddings with brides' conscious about keep it all green.

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If you have settled on the idea yourself but do not have a clue about green wedding, let us help you out.

1. Green wedding favors are all about environment friendly products. If you want to keep it swanky and luxurious, choose a few organic products to go as your wedding favors. This is a slightly costly options and those of you have decided you budget, go accordingly.

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2. Eco friendly wedding favors can be very down to earth too. Choose a sapling or small seed packets wrapped attractive with recycled paper. Add a note on top with message to make it more personalized.

3. Bamboo souvenirs are also quite popular and get pleasant reactions from ladies. You can gift small boxes or pouches made from bamboo and attractively packaged, serving a practical purpose when used for small items like coins, stud earrings, keys etc.

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4. You need not really go hunting for green weddings at all. If you have a eco friendly organization or NGO that produces green products, you can make a donation in return for their products or a donation anyway as a mark of your way to support the cause.

Eco friendly wedding favors may not be the only way to make your wedding eco friendly. You can add green wedding centerpieces to your tables as well as items to your decoration to support the cause.



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