Tropical wedding ideas are a growing trend in the wedding planning industry. Destination weddings, beach wedding specifically, have become increasingly more popular over the last few years.
Couples are looking for more unique (and sometimes less expensive) ways to get married. Tropical weddings are the perfect way to combine a laid back attitude, friends and family and of course a beautiful backdrop for your big day.

Tropical weddings require planning that is similar to traditional weddings, however there are some things that are different and potentially challenging.

Destination weddings offer a unique challenge in that you may have to rely on your chosen resort or a wedding planner to help sort out all of the details. Since you may not be onsite until a day or two before your wedding, you need a strong team to help you so you can plan remotely.

Here are 4 tropical wedding ideas to help with your planning:

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Location, Location, Location
To have a tropical wedding, you need a tropical location. If you already live on a beach or in a tropical location you are one step ahead of the game.
For everyone else, this should be your first step. Find a resort, hotel or other location that has the amenities you desire at a price that fits your budget. Also make sure that the onsite wedding planner and other staff is competent and willing to help with all of the details.

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Choose a Theme
There are many different wedding themes that go perfectly with a tropical wedding. Anything nautical or beach-related can be used as a theme or decorations, like boats, lighthouses and seashells.
Unique flower options can also be used for your wedding theme. Ideas include orchids and Hawaiian leis.

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Wedding Attire
This type of wedding is generally more relaxed, and that often shows in the wedding dress that you choose. There are many styles like halter, strapless or sarong style that work perfectly.
For the guys tuxes are still possible, however more common is linen pants with a white or Hawaiian shirt.

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Getting married in a tropical location lets you take advantage of local items not found elsewhere. Flowers are the perfect example of this.
Choose tropical flowers that are native to the location of your wedding. For example, orchids and birds of paradise are found in Hawaii and many Caribbean islands, and they make beautiful wedding flowers.
These are just a few ideas that are available to you. Other areas of your wedding from the entertainment you choose to the menu at your reception can have a tropical twist added to make your wedding unique.



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