A Tiffany wedding theme might still be strange to some people but in fact, it is a great theme which can be used in a wedding ceremony. A Tiffany inspired wedding would make your big day as elegant and beautiful as ever. Making a Tiffany wedding theme actually connotes a sophisticatedly created wedding ceremony which makes use of bright pastel blazes with a touch of crystals and shining stones.

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Making your guests have a hint on your wedding theme would be a perfect strategy in starting out to publicize your wedding. Send your invitations in a pastel blue color wrapped perfectly in white satin ribbon and add up Swarovski crystals. And since Swarovski crystals are really worth a fortune, you may opt to choose some cheap crystals which may resemble those of Swarovski. There are lots of them in fancy shops and it would make you save a lot. You can also try some simple invitations but keep them in them as possible. Always include a satin ribbon preferably blue or yellow, in whatever you do to keep them in line.

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In terms of your gown, choose the simplest yet elegant gown emblazoned with metallic embroideries in gold, silver and platinum. Crystals and rhinestones may also be embellished in the gown to add a more Tiffany appeal. Since it is not only you who should portray the Tiffany style, include crystal barrettes or tiaras for your bridesmaids and make their bouquets look stunning by adding up metallic colored ribbons. The groomsmen could also look more stylish and manly wearing a deep colored suit and a Tiffany bow.

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Floral arrangements should also look as elegant as how you look. Try in light colored flowers add accentuate them with blue satin ribbons and Swarovski crystals. Make the ribbons perfectly tied and bowed because it is what symbolizes Tiffany themes- perfectly crafted ribbons and glimmering crystals.

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Holding your Tiffany wedding in the evening adds up to the theme. In holding it, make use of shiny vases and centerpieces. Candleholders may also be placed in chosen locations. Put in as much crystals as possible because it makes the ambiance look more classy and glittering. If fitted on the budget, you may also order ice carved sculptures and figures. Fill the table with small sparkling ornaments which could shine with the lighting effect. And speaking of lighting, make sure it emits enough light and contrast in order to give more emphasis to your shiny figures and items.

Conclude the evening with more elegance as you give your guests some give aways such as crystal figurines, paper weights, candle holders, all wrapped up perfectly in a Tiffany box. You might also want to add in some delicacies such as chocolates and almonds.


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