One of the most enchanting themes for an evening wedding is a starry night. The idea of a wedding held under the twinkling light of the stars and soft glow of the moon is incredibly romantic, whether the light is from the night sky or artificially created. Read on for suggestions on how to put together a starry night wedding that your guests will never forget.

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Certainly, if you can host your wedding outdoors under the stars, that would be ideal. The perfect spot will need to be away from the bright city lights that will block your view of the night sky. An open field would be a wonderful location, perhaps with some areas tented and some left wide open for the best stargazing. For many of us, no such location is readily available, which is fine, too; you can create a magical starry night atmosphere even indoors with the right lighting and details.

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Let your guests get a sense of your theme with the wedding invitations or even the save-the-date cards. One beautiful idea would be to have custom invitations created which have a reproduction of Van Gogh's famous painting "Starry Night" across the bottom (with room on the top two-thirds of the paper for the wedding information). A simpler idea would be to select a classic white invitation bordered with either an inky blue or a gold edge. Line the envelopes with a paper that features a print of gold stars on a rich blue background for an elegant and subtle hint of what is to come.

Whether your wedding will take place under the night sky or in an indoor setting, hundreds of twinkling white lights are a must. A very pretty effect can be created by draping large swathes of tulle across the top of a tent and filling the fabric with tiny white lights. They will dance and twinkle just like the stars in the sky, which makes a wonderfully romantic setting for a wedding reception.

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Your star motif can be included in small details throughout the wedding. A beautiful idea for the reception centerpieces would be to display the flowers in frosted glass vases with a star pattern. This is actually something that can be done as a DIY project, if you are so inclined. You take clear glass vases and arrange star shaped stickers in a variety of sizes all over the vase. Then paint the vases with a glass etching solution (available at craft shops) and when you wash it off, the glass will be frosted, except for the areas that had the stickers, which will remain clear. Flowers in shades of deep purple would be perfect for the starry night centerpieces.

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Something else that would be a nice table decoration is floating candles shaped like stars and crescent moons in white and yellow. They will add a festive touch to your reception tables. A set of star and moon theme candles could also make a great wedding favor. Tie them up in a pretty organza bag with a little note of thanks to your guests for sharing in your special day.

Finally, don't forget about the bride and her wedding party. A starry night theme wedding definitely calls for star theme jewelry. Swarovski creates dazzling crystal stars and moons that can be handcrafted into unique bridal jewelry. A set of crystal bridal jewelry with sparkling stars and moons would be the perfect finishing touch. A starry night wedding is so special that you will enjoy being reminded of your magical evening every time that you wear the Swarovski star jewelry.


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  1. Very pretty arrangements!! I just loved these beautiful centerpieces. Well dear I have booked a beach venue for my wedding reception party and I will arrange all the decorations inspired from famous Banquet Halls of Italy.


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