Just the thought of tropical wedding dresses can bring incredible images to mind. The most obvious is a beautiful sandy beach, glowing sunshine and gentle breezes.

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A tropical wedding dress can mean different things to different people. They are more of a feel rather than a definite style. You may want to incorporate several aspects into your wedding gown.
Think of light and breezy. You want to be able to catch those trade winds. Choose light wight fabrics such as chiffon, silk, cotton, gauze, linen or georgette. These fabrics will move easily and be less likely to stick to you with hot weather.

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Also consider the fabric for ease of travel. If you need to fly for your destination wedding, you'll need to pack your dress. Pick a fabric that will be less likely to crease or will iron well. A large, heavy dress won't pack and travel easily. They also may require a professional to iron after you arrive.

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A short wedding dress, tea length wedding dress or even a sarong all are great choices. If you'll be outside in a garden or beach, a long train isn't very practical. Even so, many brides still choose to wear one. If you do, be sure to use a fabric that will clean easily. It will get wet and sandy and may be difficult to preserve.

Choosing a colored dress can make a very tropical statement. You can have a wedding dress any color (or many colors) under the sun. If an entire dress in color is a little too much for you, pick a detail. You can have a sash, some piping, embroidery or appliques in color. This will give you just a hint of color without feeling too overwhelming.

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Many of the most well known wedding dress designers now have entire destination wedding dress lines. They are often less expensive, but just as fabulous. You can choose from halter, strapless and spaghetti straps. Full skirts, empire waist and A line are all very popular.

You can find many Hawaiian style wedding dresses and island wedding dresses that would be great options. Look for a tropical print or sarong wrap to tie in with the theme.

Enjoying the sun, sand, and breeze in tropical wedding dresses is very easy to do.

Choosing a tropical wedding dress will be one of the best parts of planning your wedding. There are so many incredible options for you to choose from.

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